Shagtastic Wash Pad


  • Plushy shaggy wash pad designed to reduce swirling and not scratch your car
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Safe/ scratch free washing that’s easier than ever before. The Shagtastic uses a plush blend of deep pile microfibres to give a zen-like clean, safely removing the funk and grime particles from your paint, holding them deep in the material until rinsed out, helping prevent annoying swirl marks on your precious baby.

  • Groovy blend of funky fibres work together to give a blissful, safe wash experience
  • Plush shag pile creates a deep & soft cleaning surface, to prevent grit and grime from swirling delicate paint
  • Shag pile releases all the bad funk and grime particles when rinsed out
  • The material is quite different, in fact it feels very grippy, which is how it has such crazy effective washing
  • Kinky and flexible design, for the many different contours and sensual curves of your car
  • Gentle sponge heart to suck the wash in and create thick suds when squeezed out, for faster and safer washing
  • New age lightweight design, to stop arm wash fatigue and create a mentally positive vibe
  • Bright and colourful threads, so you can easily see any heavier funk and clean it out
  • Find inner peace knowing these threads won’t get knotted or twisted up with age
  • Fab alternative for those freaky Bohemians who use wash mitts with their hand on the outside
  • Quality synthetic threads, won’t rot or fall apart, for years of weekend spiritual cleansing that car enthusiasts need


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